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44 Blair Road
Singapore, , 089944

Singapore and online based Personal Training, Group Fitness and Nutrition Coaching services provider

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At ETL, we advocate sustainable nutrition through positive lifestyle changes, habit replacement and nourishing your body with nutrient dense, plant based whole foods. Contact us for bespoke meal plans, nutrition coaching, plant based nutrition support and nutrition talks, workshops and cooking classes. 

Eat Well: Sustainable Nutrition with ETL

It’s never too late to start cultivating a healthy relationship with food. Here at ETL, we advocate wholesome, sustainable nutrition as the building blocks for a healthy lifestyle. That means no restrictive diets, no deprivation and no boring meals. Nourishing your body should be a positive and personal experience and we are here to guide you towards finding what works for you!


Nutrition Coaching

Get started with a one on one with our resident Nutrition Coach to assess your current state of health and wellbeing, identify your nutrition issues and map out your personal action plan for change. Our focus in these sessions are to nurture sustainable habits and positive attitudes for individuals struggling with issues related to diet, weight, fatigue or event preparation.


  • Assessment of your current Body Composition (lean muscle mass, body fat, metabolic efficiency)

  • Evaluation of your nutritional habits and current state of wellbeing

  • Mapping out of effective strategies towards improving fitness and nutritional habits

  • Follow up and support

  • 6-week Coaching Programme includes 3 reviews scheduled fortnightly


Powered By Plants

Whether you are looking to simply cut down or completely eliminate animal products and refined/processed foods from your daily diet, this 6-week programme will provide the guidance and support you need. Work with our Plant Based Nutrition Coach to help you transition into a plant based diet in a safe way, and ensure that you meet the nutritional needs to maintain a high level of activity and athletic performance.


  • The ETL Vital Cleanse Detox online programme

  • 3 Skype sessions scheduled fortnightly

  • Weekly evaluations of your nutritional habits, energy levels, training and wellbeing

  • Mapping out of weekly strategies and meal plan support

  • Follow up and support


The ETL Vital Cleanse Detox

The ETL Vital Cleanse Detox addresses issues such as bloating, poor digestion, congestion, skin conditions, poor immunity and fatigue. By following the meal plan, you will be guided through the process of eliminating problem-causing foods and introducing foods that stabilize blood acidity, support digestive, nervous and immune functions, and promote synthesis of healthy skin, hair and bones. Meals ensure a good balance of nutrients to prevent hunger pangs and withdrawals often associated with juice cleanses and restrictive diets. The natural sugars and protein recommended in the plan also help to curb cravings for starches and refined sugar.

*Programme available FREE with: