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Plant Based Sambal Matah 


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Plant Based Sambal Matah 

Cheryl Lin

Sambal Matah is a popular raw accompaniment to food in Bali. It is great with grilled tempeh, meats or seafood, and also goes perfectly with any rice or noodle dish. It can also be used in quinoa and tabbouleh style salads. 

Like many of the condiments in South East Asia, it is made from local fresh produce, and just a tiny bite of this brings out the most intense and rich flavours of the region! 

Different families and restaurants will have slightly different variations, and here we are sharing the ETL Kitchen version of it with ingredients supplied by ETL Lifestyle Membership partner the FRANK FOOD company.

The main ingredients are: 

Lemongrass: a delicious source of essential vitamins and minerals plus it is believed to be a great ingredient for detoxing. Often used in aromatherapy because of its ability to alleviate muscle pain and reduce fever, lemongrass is an easy go-to ingredient for fighting colds and flu symptoms.

Shallots: a lesser known source of dietary fiber and protein. Shallots contain antioxidants, important minerals and are known to be prescribed in some ancient medicines. Great things really do come in small packages.

Ginger: everyone's favourite go-to tea ingredient when you're feeling under the weather because of its medicinal and anti-inflammatory properties. The most widely used dietary condiment in the world today is one of the oldest super foods, used in China, to India and Ancient Rome. Ayurvedic medicine has always praised ginger with the ability to boost the immune system. Combined with foods like garlic and onions, it promotes a healthy cardiovascular system as they all contain anti-blood clotting properties.

Key ingredients

Key ingredients



Remove the harder, top portion of the Lemongrass and the bottom. Peel off top 2 layers which can be tougher. Once you get to the inner portion, thinly slice with a knife or mandolin.

Do the same with the shallots and chop the ginger and garlic into very small bits.

Place the shallots and lemongrass into a jar. Add in ginger and garlic according to taste. Sprinkle a generous amount of Celery Salt and add Black Pepper and Chili to taste.

Cover with the oil and allow to sit overnight. Keep in refrigerator and serve when desired.

1 – 2 stems Lemongrass 

½ knob Ginger 

2 shallots 

1 clove Garlic 

Olive or Coconut Oil 

Fresh or dried Chili 

Celery Salt 

Ground Black Pepper 



Photo 24-12-15, 6 27 09 PM.jpg


Special thanks to the FRANK FOOD company for their delicious organic produce that was delivered straight to the ETL Haus.